Urban Dictionary 7–what’s new?

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Version 1.12 (5/30/2011)

We added the ability to control what the live tile looks like! From the settings, you can now select the ability to change what the live tile looks like:


We also released a version of Urban Dictionary that’s Ad Free! Download it here.


Version 1.10 (5/13/2011)

Another small update for the app…

You can now pin images which will put them on your panorama page. You pin by using the pin button when looking at at image. Here is what it looks when you have pinned a few of them:



Version 1.9 (5/9/2011)

Hey folks! Been a long time – the votes are in and you guys chose to see images in search results! So this feature is now in and working! Thanks for everyone who voted. This is what it looks like, when you search, if there are images associated with the search, you will see a list at the bottom of the page:


Then, when you click on one of the images, you will get the image viewer and see the various images (you can also save to your photo album):



Version 1.8 (4/9/2011)

Another bunch of small fixes and knick-knacks:


The voting system has been revamped – you can now see the results and we have better control on how to surface votes to you. Here’s what it looks like after you vote:


This hopefully will give you guys an idea on where the votes are (right now head-to-head photos and auto-complete!)

Other things

There are a bunch of other small things we added – most of them shouldn’t affect most people:

  • Added the ability to notify about bugs/changes etc.
  • Ads will now also show other apps that can be downloaded.
  • Fixed some flickering issues with navigating around words (still have some issues though)

Version 1.7 (3/22/2011)

Nothing much new except for some bug fixes:

* Facebook publish does not crash the app now.

* “Loading” message will appear again. Yey.

* Fixed a parsing issue that caused load errors.

* Fixed a problem with lists that have 3 items or less when viewing a word.

Version 1.6 (3/17/2011)

A bunch of new things this time around!

Better random terms

You now have a whole page for random terms, giving you 6 or 7 each time:


Clicking on the Refresh button at the top there will give you a fresh set of terms.

Better “About” experience

In other words, it no longer sucks. As much.


Much easier to see what’s there.

Pivot across words from the same source

So when you come from “Popular words”, or “Favorites”, you can easily flick left and right and see other words in the same group:


There are also a bunch of other small improvements.

Version 1.5 (3/3/2011)

Not much new this time around:

  • Some perf improvements on startup.
  • One crash bug fixed.
  • Ads placement changed a bit.

Version 1.4 (2/28/2011)

You can now control whether or not you want to see a live tile (from the settings)

Removed some debug code that snuck into 1.3

Added a button to search so you can delete search history. (This has always been possible from the settings menu).

Version 1.3 (2/22/2011)

I added the ability to send multi-part text messages (so you can send the entire content of a definition, instead of getting it cut off)

You can toggle this in the settings page.

Version 1.2 (2/16/2011)

Random word

You can now click the “random” link on the first page  and the app will load a new word each time:


Live tile

If you pin the app to your start menu, you will get the “word of the day” there:


Note that the tile will take a few hours to refresh the first time – that’s normal.

Disable the profanity filter

You can now disable the profanity filter from the settings menu – to do so, go to settings (it’s on the “about” page on the panorama) and click settings. You will be presented with a textbox – just type “urbandictionary.com” in there, tap “test connection” and you will be able to see profanity.


Send as text

You can now text the word of the day (or any other word) to your loved ones:


Other improvements

* Some small perf improvements

* Better status notification

* Moved “About” to be a page in the panorama.


One Response to Urban Dictionary 7–what’s new?

  1. JJ says:

    Just downloaded. Works pretty well, and let’s be real. UD is awesome.

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