April Update–what are we doing?

We thought we’d update you guys with regards to what we are working on.. Here’s a partial list of what to expect from us this month:

  1. We have a new version of Social Birthday Tile going through certification. This version should be much more stable, easier and faster to use.
  2. We have a new app going through certification  – has to do with photos and Facebook. Stay tuned – you’ll see more information once it’s available.
  3. Bubble Porn is getting an update as well – we made it much easier to generate Bubble Porn images and to publish them so others can see. If you publish a Bubble Porn that will actually become popular, the app will remove ads from your app!
  4. We are going to update Fail++ with video capabilities and add more blogs.
  5. Two-Tap Reminder is running an in-app poll and we will implement what you tell us you want towards the end of the month.
  6. The rest of our apps will be getting minor updates mostly with bug fixes and the like.

We hope you have a great April! Lot’s of work for us 😉

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Beware the sleeping emulator

There’s a great scene in an old Simpsons episode where Lisa is doing an experimentation for class where she shows how a hamster learns not to touch electrified food it wants but where Bart never learns..

That’s one of my favorite scenes (and yes, I could have quoted Einstein’s definition of Insanity: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”, but with all due respect to the theory of relatively, this is The Simpsons we are talking about here)

In any case, this one issue keeps biting me whenever I use the emulator and background tasks (agents). You’d expect me to realize what’s happening after the umpteenth time this happened, but every time it stumps me for a few minutes until I do the facepalm thing, remembering the issue.

If you are using the ScheduledActionService.LaunchForTest method to test your scheduled action, sometimes, it just won’t work – your Background task will just not run. The issue is easily solved by rebooting the emulator.

This (and some other clock related issues) happen because the Emulator, when waking up from sleep, loses synchronicity in it’s internal clock – right after sleep, some parts of the emulator will think that the time is the “now” of your computer while other parts of it will think that time “stopped” when you put your computer to sleep.

The workaround is super simple, but remembering that that may be the issue sometimes eludes me.

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Discontinuing support for Social Birthday Tile for 7.0 Devices

In one month time, we are going to pull support for Social Birthday Tile for devices on the Windows Phone 7.0 platform. All mango devices and up will still be supported.

Pleas upgrade your device to Mango to make sure you continue to get service!

(All other apps that work on 7.0 are unaffected)

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Disruption of service (March 20th)

We have been having major issues with our host – some of the apps are working only partially and the others are not working completely.

We are working hard on fixing this and will update as soon as everything is back up and running.

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Ideas for mini-apps

We want to test our “Learn XAML” app with some real world examples. If you have an idea for a useful example that you think is fairly simple, send it over and we will try to make it happen. By using Learn XAML, you can get your mini-app and run it right on your phone, inside our app.

What we gain, is real-world examples we can use to test our app.

What you gain is that little niche app you always wanted, but nobody would ever publish as a full fledged app.

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Epic Pics And Videos app in the marketplace!

We released a new application that’s based on Fail++, but designed to work better on Tango! On top of that, the app now supports videos from the various blogs.


You get access to a dozen blogs (and if you are over 18 and email us from within the app, we will enable a handful of hidden blogs for you!)

Fail Blog
Very Demotivational
There, I fixed it
This is photobomb
Damn you autocorrect
Picture is unrelated
Daily Squee
I can haz cheezeburger

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Try out “Bubble Porn”–our newest app (SFW)

We published a new app to the marketplace called “Bubble Porn” – also known as “Mormon Porn”. (Download now!)

The app essentially lets you create optical illusions that trick the brain into seeing things that are not there. Here’s an example of an image generated by the app (click the image to see the source!):

The app contains a few examples of bubble porn, and it lets you create your own from your personal photo album , or from a web image search.

We hope you like this little new app!

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