More Apps from Social Ebola (& friends)

These are our Windows Phone applications:

Our free apps/games

UD_MicrosoftTag Urban Dictionary – 1700 reviews with average of 4.5 stars. Simple to use and actually useful at times!
MSTag Epic Pics And Videos– Gives access to half a dozen blogs such as and it’s sister blogs. Lots of funny stuff!
MicrosoftTag Fun With Letters – this is a game for kids between 3 and 6 years old – it has a couple of mini-games in it, allowing your child to take their first steps in learning to read.
Tag Bubble Porn – This app shows lets you create a unique optical illusion over your own pictures. It’s SFW (no nudity).
  Lost In Translation – This is a fun app that is similar to “Translation Party” – you feed it a phrase and it will translate it back and forth between English and Japanese until equilibrium is reached. Results are often amusing and sometimes downright bizzare.

Our paid apps (which you can try for free):

MicrosoftTag Two-Tap Reminder – Very easy and quick to use reminder app. No frills, no thrills!
FBT_Tag Facebook birthday tile – This app connects with Facebook and puts your Facebook friends birthdays on a live tile so you never forget another birthday! Functional trial available.
MsTag Is It Toxic – Gives hazard information about baby products and cosmetics.


From our friends:

Aleph – Simplest way of typing Hebrew on your Windows Phone – Aleph is a general purpose Hebrew keyboard which allows typing Hebrew, and then copying and pasting the text into any other app on your phone.

The Onion 7 – this app from Crazy Hot is a great app that gives you access to – it gives you stories, audio and video. Just great.


10 Responses to More Apps from Social Ebola (& friends)

  1. elba luz melendez says:

    Tremendas aplicaciones!

  2. Ritz says:

    You guys are as assholes.. Why would u guys recommend free apps when you clearly have to pay for them

  3. koita says:

    Pour telecharger

  4. Hedrek says:

    The free trial of 2-tap reminder convinced me in about 10 mintues to buy it. Perfect little tool for following up on things that otherwise get lost in the daily work confusion. Thanks.

    Sorry, gotta go, it just reminded me it’s time to go to the gym.

  5. marisol says:

    En español,por favor

  6. jarred says:


  7. marlin gonzalez says:

    Hi there

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