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Ideas for mini-apps

We want to test our “Learn XAML” app with some real world examples. If you have an idea for a useful example that you think is fairly simple, send it over and we will try to make it happen. By … Continue reading

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Epic Pics And Videos app in the marketplace!

We released a new application that’s based on Fail++, but designed to work better on Tango! On top of that, the app now supports videos from the various blogs. You get access to a dozen blogs (and if you are … Continue reading

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Try out “Bubble Porn”–our newest app (SFW)

We published a new app to the marketplace called “Bubble Porn” – also known as “Mormon Porn”. (Download now!) The app essentially lets you create optical illusions that trick the brain into seeing things that are not there. Here’s an … Continue reading

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Learn XAML (beta) available for all on the marketplace!

You can now download our newest app in the marketplace! The app lets you write little samples, or applets to test on your phone. By using JavaScript and XAML, you can tinker and hack your way around to try and … Continue reading

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Windows Phone sample pictures are numbered..

I may be very late to the party, but did anyone else notice the Windows Phone sample photos (the one coming with the phone by default) are numbered 0 to 7? Some of them more subtle than the others, which … Continue reading

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Don’t use PhoneApplicationService.State[] in Mango

People who tell you, unequivocally, to not use a certain service in a platform are usually wrong. What they really mean to say is “don’t use service X under this and that circumstances”. However, like in politics, a simple bold … Continue reading

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Announcing "Marketplace Miner"–show only the publishers you want

So, you are looking for new apps on the Windows Phone marketplace, but you keep seeing apps from publishers you do not want or you may consider “spammy”.. What to do? Download and run Marketplace Miner. It will show you … Continue reading

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