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Fail++ for Windows 8 released!

If you like wasting time on Fail++ on Windows Phone, you can now double your waste on Windows 8! We just released the first version of the app – it’s not as fully featured as the phone version just yet, … Continue reading

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Fail++ Video fixed

Thanks for everyone who called this in. As of a few hours ago, Video on Fail++ should be fixed. If anyone is still seeing issues, please contact us through the app.

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Epic Pics And Videos app in the marketplace!

We released a new application that’s based on Fail++, but designed to work better on Tango! On top of that, the app now supports videos from the various blogs. You get access to a dozen blogs (and if you are … Continue reading

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Fail++ Poll results & new release!

We just released version 2.3 of Fail++ to the marketplace. In it, you will find what you have voted for. Here are the poll results:   Search won out by a large margin – so you will see it on … Continue reading

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Hidden blog in Fail++

If you are a reader of this blog, or of Twitter, you get an extra blog on your Fail++ app! “After 12”. Please email us by using the “Feedback” tile on the app, and we will enable it for you.

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Fail++ 2.0 released to the Market Place. Urban Dictionary 2.0 is a-coming

We are in the process of mangofying our popular apps. We just released Fail++ 2.0 (download here) which is built for Mango. Aside from the fact that it’s faster now and supports Fast App Switching, there are a couple of … Continue reading

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Fail++ (1.5) finally on the marketplace

Fail++ is FINALLY on the marketplace. This version has some perf enhancement and (hopefully) solves the nasty “crash on boot” problem some people are seeing. Enjoy!

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