Social Birthday Tile is getting an update

In a day or two, everybody should be seeing their Social Birthday Tile app being updated with some new features.

Specifically, we are adding the ability to create and post birthday cards to friends’ walls. This feature is in beta right now as we work out the kinks, but we felt like it was usable enough right now to allow everybody to start using it.SS8

When you go to the details page of a Facebook contact, you will now see a “card” option at the bottom of the page – this will bring you to a new page that will allow you to choose and design your friend’s birthday card. When the card page comes up, it will go through your various tagged photos and look for photos where both you and your friend are tagged. When such an image is found, the app will automatically use it in the card (if the card supports images).

You can always change the photo by clicking the photo button at the bottom.

Similarly, you can also change the text on the card by choosing the “text” button at the bottom.SS9

Finally, you can also select the card you want to send. Right now, we have 4 card options and we will be adding more as the app progresses.

Once you are done, you can tap the “send” button at the bottom and it will automatically post the photo to your friend’sFBT_Tag wall. If you prefer to use some other tool to post the image, you can also use the “Save to album” option in the menu to save the image.

Remember that right now this feature is considered to be in beta and may still have some issues. If you have any feedback about bugs or functionality, please let us know.

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