April Update–what are we doing?

We thought we’d update you guys with regards to what we are working on.. Here’s a partial list of what to expect from us this month:

  1. We have a new version of Social Birthday Tile going through certification. This version should be much more stable, easier and faster to use.
  2. We have a new app going through certification  – has to do with photos and Facebook. Stay tuned – you’ll see more information once it’s available.
  3. Bubble Porn is getting an update as well – we made it much easier to generate Bubble Porn images and to publish them so others can see. If you publish a Bubble Porn that will actually become popular, the app will remove ads from your app!
  4. We are going to update Fail++ with video capabilities and add more blogs.
  5. Two-Tap Reminder is running an in-app poll and we will implement what you tell us you want towards the end of the month.
  6. The rest of our apps will be getting minor updates mostly with bug fixes and the like.

We hope you have a great April! Lot’s of work for us 😉

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