Two-tap reminder 1.3 released

Download here

The biggest change is that you can now access the list of reminders from your secondary tiles:

image As you can see, when you tap the “text reminder” secondary tile, for example, you will also get a button on the application bar that will let you access the full list. That way, you don’t need to have 2 tiles on the start menu just to access the list.

(We found a small bug after release that we will fix shortly – when using tap-and-hold on tiles to pin them, we have a mix-up and the wrong tile gets pinned)

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7 Responses to Two-tap reminder 1.3 released

  1. Serjio says:

    In Marketplace still version. Not 1.3

  2. Serjio says:

    Problem with voice reminder is not resolved. HTC Mozart.

  3. SocialEbola says:

    Can you explain the issue with the voice reminder please?

  4. Serjio says:

    You can to do differently.
    After the reminder window and play the WP7 alarm sound, need to make a button (instead of a button “run the app to hear your reminder”), that will play immediately my voice. Not need to run the program. Then there is no need to return to the previous screen to make repeat alarm. IMHO.

    • SocialEbola says:

      Oh, thanks. Didn’t know it was the same problem. We are still looking into it.

      Yor suggestion is great, but it’s impossible to do with the phone. When the phone is locked, tapping on the reminder will not do anything… And there’s nothing much we can do about that sadly.

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