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April Update–what are we doing?

We thought we’d update you guys with regards to what we are working on.. Here’s a partial list of what to expect from us this month: We have a new version of Social Birthday Tile going through certification. This version … Continue reading

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Beware the sleeping emulator

There’s a great scene in an old Simpsons episode where Lisa is doing an experimentation for class where she shows how a hamster learns not to touch electrified food it wants but where Bart never learns.. That’s one of my … Continue reading

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Discontinuing support for Social Birthday Tile for 7.0 Devices

In one month time, we are going to pull support for Social Birthday Tile for devices on the Windows Phone 7.0 platform. All mango devices and up will still be supported. Pleas upgrade your device to Mango to make sure … Continue reading

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Disruption of service (March 20th)

We have been having major issues with our host – some of the apps are working only partially and the others are not working completely. We are working hard on fixing this and will update as soon as everything is … Continue reading

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Ideas for mini-apps

We want to test our “Learn XAML” app with some real world examples. If you have an idea for a useful example that you think is fairly simple, send it over and we will try to make it happen. By … Continue reading

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Epic Pics And Videos app in the marketplace!

We released a new application that’s based on Fail++, but designed to work better on Tango! On top of that, the app now supports videos from the various blogs. You get access to a dozen blogs (and if you are … Continue reading

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Try out “Bubble Porn”–our newest app (SFW)

We published a new app to the marketplace called “Bubble Porn” – also known as “Mormon Porn”. (Download now!) The app essentially lets you create optical illusions that trick the brain into seeing things that are not there. Here’s an … Continue reading

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