Fun With Letters 1.1 – Published to the marketplace

The new version of “Fun With Letters” has a beautiful new graphic design, and two new games.

The new graphic design, apart from being much nicer looking, also includes the owl, which will accompany your child in the games and when tapped on will always provide the instructions to the games.

We added two new games in addition to “Find the letter” and “What begins With…”

The new games are focusing on words, and provide bigger challenge for the literacy seekers.

The games are:

1. “Find the Word” – the child sees a word and several pictures and needs to find the picture that fits the word.

2. “Find the Picture” – the child sees a picture and several words and needs to find the word that fits with the picture.

The new games can be customized to use only capital letters or not, and are affected by the existing customization options (list of letters to be used, and difficulty level).


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