Two-Tap Reminder Feb 2012 poll results are in!

Here are the results of the Two Tap Reminder in-app poll that ended in February 2012:


The three options you had were:

  • Pin to start – this allows you to pin certain reminder types to the start-screen so that access is even faster.
  • More quick-time options – in Two Tap Reminder, when you schedule a reminder, you can just click how long in the future you want it to fire (in 30 minutes, for example). This option would have given users more control over these options.
  • Make custom time easier – When selecting to set a reminder to a specific time, you use the standard Windows Phone way of doing it (the “rolling” data/time option). This would make it easier (more tap, less rolling).

Most of those who voted wanted to get the ability to pin as the next feature.. And so, we give you:


The update should make it to your phone in the next few days – it’s going through certification right now.

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3 Responses to Two-Tap Reminder Feb 2012 poll results are in!

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  2. Serjio says:

    Voice reminder not working properly.
    After remind and press “run the app to hear your reminder”, voice reminder play once. If i press reschedule (and play again- why?)- the next time press “run the app to hear your reminder” does not do anything. Why?
    When it is fixed this bug?
    Device: HTC Mozart.
    Sorry for my poor english.

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