Trying out the Inneractive WP7 Ad SDK

A few weeks ago, we rolled out updates our apps that had the ability to display ads from a company called inneractive. They contacted us specifically a few weeks ago (not a mass email) and said that they can provide “an average eCPM that is 3 times the industry standard”. At that point, our apps were using PubCenter and we decided to give it a shot.


Integrating with their control (download after registering here) was pretty easy – we already have an extensible mechanism for ads and their SDK seemed to be well engineered (though it uses a different mechanism than others). It took all of 20 minutes to extend our clients and server to support them.

Instead of providing you with a control, they give you a class you call into with a parent Grid element as a parameter and the ad “takes over” that element. An interesting approach that’s easy enough to use.

Their Dashboard

Inneractive’s dashboard is much fancier than PubCenter and gives you much better/complete stats. It’s also purdy and works great on the Windows Phone browser (something PubCenter does not do as well on)


If you go to “Analytics” it gives you exact information regarding where the ads got requested from, how many requests etc. Nice stuff!


We ran two pilots. In one (a week or so ago), we diverted 25% of all the traffic from Fail++ to the new ad. Today, we again changed the ads and diverted 100% of all traffic from Fail++ (except for people using the Nodo app) to use the new Ad.

We then compared the results to what PubCenter gave us.

Bottom line

Results may vary. Your apps are not the same as our apps. But for us the results were very disappointing.

PubCenter out-performs Inneractive by a large factor on Windows Phone 7. Not only was the eCPM far lower, so were the impressions. We are going to stop using their SDK altogether, until such time that we see other people getting better results from them.

Other than that, my communication with them was very positive and professional. They are prompt to answer emails for the most part and seem to be eager to have people try their new platform.

If you tried them out, let us know what you saw.


One warning if you decide to go register with them though.. Do NOT use a password you use on other sites – also, don’t use any password you would not want somebody to see. They store passwords in clear-text on their web site and will send them to you (clear text) in email.

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4 Responses to Trying out the Inneractive WP7 Ad SDK

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  2. anonym says:

    same for me.

    They claim for 3 times the industry average but my app get 40% fill rate and 1/3 ecpm than other ads network.

    they should do something.

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