How to add a word to the WP7 dictionary

This blog is not intended as a generic WP7 blog, but every now and again, I realized there are some features that are a little more hidden than others (that’s a nice way of saying “undiscoverable”) that people generally don’t know about..

With that, here’s how you add a word to the WP7 dictionary:

1. I typed “ftfy” (Fixed That For Ya). As you can see, the word is not in the dictionary:


2. To add it, tap on it:


3. Tap on the “+ ftfy”. That’s it – the word is now added to your dictionary.


When WP autocorrects a word that it doesn’t know (and that you typed correctly), tap on the word, the original “wrong” word will appear at the left-most side of the auto-correct strip. Tap that word, the correction WP7 did will be replaced with the original word you tapped in. Now, tap the word again, and you will be able to add it to the dictionary.

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