We are happy to introduce a new app– “Fun With Letters”

We made a fun and intuitive game for children, that can help your child practice letters and their phonetic sounds.

It has two little games for children in the first and more advanced stages of achieving literacy.

“Fun With Letters” includes the following games:

1. “Find the letter…” – the child hears a letter and sees a list of letters, and needs to press on the right letter that he/she heard.

2. “What begins with…” – the child hears and sees a letter, and needs to pick up which picture begins with that letter sound.

We made the app customizable to fit your own child’s literacy skills and level.
For example, you can choose specific letters the app will use or ignore. For a child just learning the alphabet, choosing just several letters the child is already familiar with, and adding to them maybe a couple of letters the child is not so familiar with, would be less overwhelming and more beneficial to the child’s learning and advancement.

“Fun with Letters” also has two levels to choose from – easiest and more challenging. The easiest level is for children just learning how to identify phonetic sounds, and it will make sure not to confuse them with similarly sounding letters (such as K and Q).

The more challenging level is for more advanced literacy learners, and will include the more challenging similarly sounding letter combinations, as well as more advances phonetic sounds like “ch” for “Chair” and “sh” for “Shoe.”

We hope you and your child will enjoy this app!




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