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Trying out the Inneractive WP7 Ad SDK

A few weeks ago, we rolled out updates our apps that had the ability to display ads from a company called inneractive. They contacted us specifically a few weeks ago (not a mass email) and said that they can provide … Continue reading

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BackgroundCreation crashes the Designer

Windows Phone Mango introduced a new enum value to bitmap creation that will actually load and decode the image on a background thread instead of on the UI thread. In some cases, that gives noticeable perf benefits, but there are … Continue reading

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How to add a word to the WP7 dictionary

This blog is not intended as a generic WP7 blog, but every now and again, I realized there are some features that are a little more hidden than others (that’s a nice way of saying “undiscoverable”) that people generally don’t … Continue reading

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Hidden blog in Fail++

If you are a reader of this blog, or of Twitter, you get an extra blog on your Fail++ app! “After 12”. Please email us by using the “Feedback” tile on the app, and we will enable it for you.

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Developer tool for nicer marketplace screenshots

If you look at screenshots in the Marketplace that show the Start Screen, you will notice something strange – they all look the same – usually an Internet Explorer tile and a tile for the app. There are 2 reasons … Continue reading

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Twitter clients anyone?

Hey folks – I am looking for a twitter client (PC/WP7 preferable, will use web if no other option) that will allow me to track a hash-tag (search), but filter out specific users/retweets. Does anyone know about something like that?

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We are happy to introduce a new app– “Fun With Letters”

We made a fun and intuitive game for children, that can help your child practice letters and their phonetic sounds. It has two little games for children in the first and more advanced stages of achieving literacy. “Fun With Letters” … Continue reading

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