What’s next?

Here’s what we are working on next:

  • Fail++: We want to work on some of the perf issues that come up when the app first boots. We also got some suggestions from users to move the list of blogs to the panorama so it’s easier to change up what blog you are looking at.
  • Urban Dictionary 7: We are seeing a spike in the amount of crashes we are seeing on the app. We know what the cause is and will fix it. We are also going to add some functionality to Urban Zen to add some options to it that will hopefully give people some more options to play with.
  • Two-Tap Reminder: We are going to change the 20 minutes scheduling option to 15 minutes and add a poll to the app so you can tell us what you want to see next.
  • Marketplace Miner: We will look into adding “search” for apps based on categories, ratings and spammy publishers.
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