Urban Dictionary 7 update (1.17) finally available!

Wanted to drop a quick note. You guys asked to be able to vote for terms on the Urban Dictionary site – so we are giving you that capability now!

Under each definition, you will now see two arrows – up and down. Tapping one of them will vote either for (up) or against (down) the term.


On top of that, we also added the ability to take screenshots from the app. Look for the camera at the top-right side of the screen:


Tapping the camera will cause a screenshot to be taken.

We did a number of other things as well, such as fix a number of crash bugs, move the ads around so they don’t load from scratch each time, making the app slower, and a number of other small things.

Note that you can disable BOTH voting and the new screenshot capability from the settings page!

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3 Responses to Urban Dictionary 7 update (1.17) finally available!

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  2. trueBlue says:

    Please tell me why your app. – Urban Dict. – is not available in my marketplace – Poland?

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