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Marketplace Miner 2.0 passed certification

Just dropping a note – if you are using the new Windows Phone 7.5 OS (Mango), you should see an update soon, enabling Mango features. Specifically, performance is FINALLY where we want it to be – it’s awesome. We also … Continue reading

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Don’t use PhoneApplicationService.State[] in Mango

People who tell you, unequivocally, to not use a certain service in a platform are usually wrong. What they really mean to say is “don’t use service X under this and that circumstances”. However, like in politics, a simple bold … Continue reading

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Marketplace Miner–Version 2.0 submitted

We submitted version 2.0 to the marketplace – this version solves a lot of the performance problems we had in previous versions and also marks applications as “hot” if a lot of people inspect them. On top of that the … Continue reading

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Fail++ (1.5) finally on the marketplace

Fail++ is FINALLY on the marketplace. This version has some perf enhancement and (hopefully) solves the nasty “crash on boot” problem some people are seeing. Enjoy!

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Urban Dictionary 7 update (1.17) finally available!

Wanted to drop a quick note. You guys asked to be able to vote for terms on the Urban Dictionary site – so we are giving you that capability now! Under each definition, you will now see two arrows – … Continue reading

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Marketplace Miner 1.2 released to the marketplace

We dropped a new version of marketplace miner into the marketplace. Mostly, we made performance a little better (not by much, but noticeable). We also allow you now to select categories you want to look at (games, entertainment etc)

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Fail++ has been submitted.. Again..

We submitted Fail++ again for certification.. We are crossing our fingers that this time it will pass. We did find an issue with the app – something around the ads.. We are not sure how it could fail the certification, … Continue reading

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