Urban Dictionary 2nd Poll Results are in

You voted and we coded..

Here are the results from the poll that has been running in Urban Dictionary for the past two months or so:


The options you could vote for were:

  • Autocomplete when searching for words
  • Twitter support so you can share through twitter
  • Customize the Panorama view (so you can decide which panes you want to see)
  • Choose what the first page to show is (search or Word of the Day)
  • And the last option was “you’re awesome as it is – don’t change anything!”

As you can see, customizing the panorama view got the highest score, followed by Autocompolete and setting the first page.

When we came to code the Panorama change, we figured that it will be very easy to throw in the customization of the first page, so we did that too.

You can control this from the settings menu (which we also reworked). This is what it looks like:


We hope you like it – the update is currently being certified by the good folks in the marketplace and should be out and about in a few days.

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