“Marketplace of Me”–beta-testers needed

Hey folks! We have a new app and want some beta-testers (only applicable for those who have a dev unlocked phone or can otherwise install XAPs on their phones)

The idea is this: When you look at the marketplace, for new applications, you are ultimately hit with a bunch of applications that you just don’t care about. What if there was a way to just “ignore” them and look only at the ones you care about? That’s where “Marketplace of Me” comes in – it allows you to black-list publishers from showing up in your list. If you black-list enough of the publishers you don’t care about, the flow of new apps suddenly becomes manageable!

Here’s what the app list looks like, after loading:


As you can see, in this case, Digi-Media-Apps was tagged as “suspect” due to a potentially too-high number of apps in the new apps list. Clicking on the “suspect” button, gets you to the Publisher page which gives you more info:


As you can see, the info box tells you why this publisher was flagged and you now have the option to ignore or trust them.

Once ignored, you will no longer see apps from this specific publisher. If you have a publisher you like, you can also “trust” that publisher – on the main pivot of the app, there’s a tab that shows you apps only from your trusted publishers.

Please contact us at socialebola[atsymbol]live.com and we will send you a link to the beta.

Any feedback about bugs or behavior is wanted. We know we have some issues with scrolling, but we’d still like you to tell us if you are hitting it.


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2 Responses to “Marketplace of Me”–beta-testers needed

  1. Nick says:

    Hi I did love very much Win CE & very satisfied
    winphone id an aborted IOS I’ve an HTC HD7
    Pls pere know how unprotect it and I’ll be happy
    to become a beta tester for you and of neede I’ll
    translet at NO COSTS all your program in Italian

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