Issues with the Birthday tile app

Hi folks,

Some people have been having issues with the new birthday tile app we published. The issue stems from one or two things in most cases:

1. You already have 16 live-tile apps running on your device.

2. Your phone is in a state where push is not working properly (this is a well known issue with very little in way of fixing it)

First of all – we are sorry if this caused you any issues! We are working hard on resolving it and have submitted an update for the application that will use a workaround to make the app work in any case – only slower.

If we detect that there are issues with push on the device, we will instead use a different mechanism that polls for the live tile image. This means you will still see the birthdays, but we will not be able to update the live tile quickly such as when you change your settings. We feel that’s a good alternative. We hope you find it works well.

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