New app! Facebook Birthday Tile

Hi guys! We are excited to publish our next app – the Facebook Birthday Tile application.

The name doesn’t leave a lot for the imagination. 🙂 The app shows you Facebook friend birthdays that will occur in the next 7 days. Running the app will let you post on your friends wall.

Here’s what the tile looks like:


In the app itself, the list is pivoted around today’s birthdays and the week’s birthdays:


And the ones that happen this week:


Once you click on someone, you get the ability to post to their wall, or see their profile on the web:


Finally, from the settings page, you can control what your live tile looks like (bigger letters or smaller ones).


The app is 0.99 cents for now, hope you enjoy it.

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2 Responses to New app! Facebook Birthday Tile

  1. Danny Crone says:

    Hi Guys,

    I downloaded the trial before Xmas then the nag began to buy it, I love the app so today I paid the money and the tile still displayed the nag so I removed the tile and tried to add it again but no tile appears.uninstalled, rebooted and installed and still no tile, any thoughts?

    • SocialEbola says:

      After you paid the money, the tile would have taken up to a day to show up. However, reinstalling should have definetly fixed it. Can you please email us from within the app? It will help us figure out what’s going on there.

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