Urban Dictionary is at 1.5 + Tile improvements

Version 1.5 of UD was published to the market place today. It has a bunch of small fixes – you can see them here.

I also hope that I fixed the problem with the tile rendering that made it look like crap. If you see otherwise in the next 24 hours or so, let me know.

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6 Responses to Urban Dictionary is at 1.5 + Tile improvements

  1. Alex says:


    I have some additional comments/suggestions after reviewing your app a bit further:

    * Maybe a load-screen with five running dots instead of a static clock sign on start up.

    * Why not use the official logo of urban dictionary if you’re allowed? If not I think it would be better to use the standard Metro style text.

    * Maybe today’s term and random should be seperated because when you click “Random” the main title is still “today’s term” which doesn’t make much sense.

    * Icon text in “today’s term”-section should be replaced with 3 dots. The icons are self-explainatory and besides it will be more chances of people accidently clicking the ad if they want to find out what the icons do. 🙂 Maybe switch places of icon-bar and the ad.

    * Text alignment in various sections. Everything looks a bit scattered. Generally all the text should be left-aligned. Here are the guidelines from MS dev team: http://windowsteamblog.com/windows_phone/b/wpdev/archive/2011/02/25/10-of-10-aesthetics-and-alignment-matter.aspx
    – today’s term: nothing is is aligned well.
    – search: looks good except for the the “delete history” button. Maybe just use a recycle bin-icon
    – popular terms, this year and favorite terms: The description of each term should not be indented
    – about: middle alignment breaks with the rest of the interface.
    – when you click a word in favortis or this year: alignment is not correct. The icon-bar is great. Please change in the same manner for today’s screen.

    I hope this was constructive critic. I love this app and would love to see it more polished so more people use it. You can try to make the changes and see how it looks.

  2. Alex says:

    Forgot to mention the live tile: None of the three text-parts are in alignment. And maybe also remove the colon after “today’s term”.

  3. shaharprish says:


    1. Startup Screen: I can’t put animation there. It’s a static image. I can make it look slightly more interesting though, if I had any graphics skills.
    2. Logo: Will think about it. Thanks.
    3. Today/Random: Good point. I can change that title as you switch.
    4. Not sure what you mean. Each icon text should be “…”?
    5. Alignment: I will take a look. Some stuff is not aligned on purpose, other is not. Will give this the once over to see if anything can be made to look better.
    6. Icon bar (called Application Bar): You cannot have it (rather, not supposed to) on panorama, which is why I resorted to using the icons-on-screen.
    7. Live tile: The top two parts are not aligned on purpose.. I like getting rid of the colon. I will try to make them align and see what it looks like.
    The bottom part I have no control over, though I can try to align it better.

    I appreciate the feedback. Keep it coming.

  4. Alex says:

    >1. Startup Screen:

    Why not a start-up screen like Marketplace or IMDb app?

    > 4. Not sure what you mean. Each icon text should be “…”?
    > 6. Icon bar (called Application Bar): You cannot have it (rather, not supposed to) on panorama, which is why I resorted to using the icons-on-screen.

    I mean that the user must tap the “…” so the icon text slides up. You know like most of the application bars.

    I can understand that you want to do things differently but I personally prefer apps which look like part of wp7 instead of experimenting with fancy stuff. 🙂

  5. shaharprish says:

    1. Marketplace is a WP native app – it can do a lot of things I can’t do. IMDb first loads up, then has more loading to do, so it shows the second load screen with the progress bar. I don’t have that much to load between the splash screen and showing the UI, so it would just have been UI that would have flashed (show for a split second and hide).
    4/6: I don’t want to do things differently actually. It’s just that the application bar, according to MSFT guidelines, should not be used with a Panorama. And since I dont have a better solution to the actions, I decided to do it that way. If you have a better idea that does not involve the app-bar (again, because Panorama apps do not usually have it) I would like to hear it.

    • alex says:

      I get it now and I guess it kind of makes sense. I don’t have any suggestion atm because I haven’t had chance to play around with this platform yet. But still hoping for a more polished and integrated look. 🙂

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