CrossFit Puzzle released to the Windows Store

We released a new kids game to the Windows Store a few weeks ago. The game mostly fits 3 to 6 year olds but 7-8 year olds seem to like it well enough as well.

The game comes with 40 thought puzzles, ranging from easy to hard where children need to fit cards on a board – the board contains columns and rows and the kid needs to figure out where a card fits (cross-fit, get it?)

Download CrossFit Puzzle!



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Shapiez! released to the Windows 8 Store

MSTagShapiez! is a puzzle game for kids ages 3-8. The game takes you through 45 stages, each one progressively harder where you need to layer colored geometric shapes on each other to build the goal shape. The game teaches spatial skills, puzzle solving skills and the need to think ahead before making moves. The game works great on tablets, and works well with a mouse as well.


The game starts off easy, but as your child  progress through the levels, it becomes harder and harder, requiring more thought and more planning.


As each level gets solved, your child will be pushed to the next one, acquiring stars, telling them how accurate they were with their thinking ahead skills:


Download the game here.

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Fail++ for Windows 8 released!

If you like wasting time on Fail++ on Windows Phone, you can now double your waste on Windows 8!

We just released the first version of the app – it’s not as fully featured as the phone version just yet, but it will get there.

Download and enjoy!



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Visit our Facebook page!

We are very excited to have (finally) opened up a Facebook page for our apps! If you like our apps, and would like to get notifications about promotions (such as unlock codes for free apps and codes for removal of ads from your app!), then Like the page!

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Fail++ Video fixed

Thanks for everyone who called this in. As of a few hours ago, Video on Fail++ should be fixed.

If anyone is still seeing issues, please contact us through the app.

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Social Birthday Tile is getting an update

In a day or two, everybody should be seeing their Social Birthday Tile app being updated with some new features.

Specifically, we are adding the ability to create and post birthday cards to friends’ walls. This feature is in beta right now as we work out the kinks, but we felt like it was usable enough right now to allow everybody to start using it.SS8

When you go to the details page of a Facebook contact, you will now see a “card” option at the bottom of the page – this will bring you to a new page that will allow you to choose and design your friend’s birthday card. When the card page comes up, it will go through your various tagged photos and look for photos where both you and your friend are tagged. When such an image is found, the app will automatically use it in the card (if the card supports images).

You can always change the photo by clicking the photo button at the bottom.

Similarly, you can also change the text on the card by choosing the “text” button at the bottom.SS9

Finally, you can also select the card you want to send. Right now, we have 4 card options and we will be adding more as the app progresses.

Once you are done, you can tap the “send” button at the bottom and it will automatically post the photo to your friend’sFBT_Tag wall. If you prefer to use some other tool to post the image, you can also use the “Save to album” option in the menu to save the image.

Remember that right now this feature is considered to be in beta and may still have some issues. If you have any feedback about bugs or functionality, please let us know.

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August update

We haven’t been very active on the blog or in the apps recently.. Here’s what we up to and what happened in the past couple of months:

  • Fail++: We had a problem with the app for a good few days. Most blogs are up (and bros no longer works). We were able to fix the problem w/o updating the app, but that means that the app is generally slower now. We submitted an update for the app that will solve that issue – stay tuned.
  • Urban Dictionary 7: Two problems – voting is real slow and Zen stopped working. Both will require an app update which is almost complete.
  • New App: We submitted a tiny new utility-type app for certification and we will have more info once it’s published.

Thanks for your patience with the Fail++ issues!

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