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Beware the sleeping emulator

There’s a great scene in an old Simpsons episode where Lisa is doing an experimentation for class where she shows how a hamster learns not to touch electrified food it wants but where Bart never learns.. That’s one of my … Continue reading

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Ideas for mini-apps

We want to test our “Learn XAML” app with some real world examples. If you have an idea for a useful example that you think is fairly simple, send it over and we will try to make it happen. By … Continue reading

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Learn XAML (beta) available for all on the marketplace!

You can now download our newest app in the marketplace! The app lets you write little samples, or applets to test on your phone. By using JavaScript and XAML, you can tinker and hack your way around to try and … Continue reading

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Learn XAML + WP7 development right on your phone by writing and trying out samples!

We are really excited about our newest app! Now, the app is definitely targeted at the geekier users out there, but we think it’s really really cool! Here’s the deal – you can use XAML  and Javascript to try out … Continue reading

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Trying out the Inneractive WP7 Ad SDK

A few weeks ago, we rolled out updates our apps that had the ability to display ads from a company called inneractive. They contacted us specifically a few weeks ago (not a mass email) and said that they can provide … Continue reading

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BackgroundCreation crashes the Designer

Windows Phone Mango introduced a new enum value to bitmap creation that will actually load and decode the image on a background thread instead of on the UI thread. In some cases, that gives noticeable perf benefits, but there are … Continue reading

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Developer tool for nicer marketplace screenshots

If you look at screenshots in the Marketplace that show the Start Screen, you will notice something strange – they all look the same – usually an Internet Explorer tile and a tile for the app. There are 2 reasons … Continue reading

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MIMO MagicTouch screen + Windows Phone Emulator = Awesome

I just did a quick video review of using MIMO’s new MagicTouch USB monitor with the Windows Phone emulator. Since both the emulator and the MIMO support multi-touch, I wanted to see how well/badly they work together. Results are actually … Continue reading

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How to set up MIMO MagicTouch to work with touch

When you connect the MIMO screen to your Windows 7 machine, by default, the MIMO’s touch events will go to the main screen instead of to the MIMO screen. Fixing that is pretty painless, but is not clear from MIMO’s … Continue reading

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Don’t use PhoneApplicationService.State[] in Mango

People who tell you, unequivocally, to not use a certain service in a platform are usually wrong. What they really mean to say is “don’t use service X under this and that circumstances”. However, like in politics, a simple bold … Continue reading

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